Serrapeptase and Understanding its Benefits
Learn about the many wonderful qualities of serrapeptase

What is serrapeptase? June 21, 2014

Serrapeptase informationMany people are confused, what is Serrapeptase? In the United States, Serrapeptase is not as popular as the standard medications for inflammation. Serrapeptase is an alternative medicine mainly used in Europe and Asia for the last twenty-five years to remove all non-living material from the human body. Serrapeptase is an enzyme extracted from the stomach of a silkworm that eats through the cocoon to free the butterfly. Research has shown the significant benefits to human beings.

Serrapeptase dissolves non-living tissue, blood clots, scars, cysts, and plaque in the arteries and all forms of inflammation. Much of the research surrounding Serrapeptase can be attributed to Dr. Hans Nieper, the late German physician. He successfully treated his patients who had blockage in their coronary arteries with Serrapeptase.

Additionaly it was observed that Serrapeptase provided protection against strokes. Many documented clinical observations included reports that Serrapeptase dissolved blood clots. Dr. Nieper also documented that one of his patients, a woman scheduled for surgery to have her hand amputated and a gentleman scheduled for heart bypass surgery recovered without the need for surgery after being treated with Serrapeptase. If you are looking for an alternative medicine to relieve inflammation, discuss the benefits of Serrapeptase with your health care provider.

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